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Mothers Sense of Peace
"As the mother of a teenager with Type 1 Diabetes I am so grateful for Alert MedicalTags and the technology they provide for my daughter. The information that is availableto emergency personnel gives me a sense of peace when she is away". Amy - Albuquerque, NM

Medical Alert Tag Keeps Doctors Informed
"I am a Multiple Sclerosis patient and I am involved in a trial with new medicationsmy doctor wants me to make sure I inform anyone treating me what kinds of meds Iam on. Before my Medical Alert Tag that wasn't always easy. Now they can scan mycard and it is all there". Renee - Seattle, WA

Quick Medical Information Helps EMT
"As an EMT time is of the essence! To get patient medical information so quicklyallows me to provide the proper aid quicker. Saving time saves lives"! James - LasCruces, NM

Safer Feelings at All Times
"I am an 87 year old with numerous medical conditions and have a Alert MedicalTag. Having this important medical information, medications and in case of emergencycontacts in one place and on me at all times makes me feel much safer. Thank you AMT"! Edward - St Augustine, FL

Convenient Way to Carry Information
"I like having all my medications both prescriptions and non prescriptions listedin my PMI (personal medical information). This way I don't have to carry a listof them with me on Dr. appointments". Agnus - Lake Charles, LA

Feeling Better Being Independent
"My wife has MS along with other serious medical conditions. I can't stop her frombeing independent but I can make sure she has her AMT card with here everywhere she goes. Now I feel better knowing emergency personnel will have her medical history,her allergies and her current medications in their hands to save her life if necessary". Larry - Albuquerque, NM

Emergency Room Nurse
"I work in a trauma one hospital. People are brought in to the ER a lot of times not able to answer questions about whom to contact or their medical history/allergies, etc. The Alert Medical Tags will help to assure that a patients loved ones can be contacted quickly, allergies will be known, and their past history taken into account. All of these will help with the care of patients in an emergency". Cathy, RN OKC, OK

The Knowledge in These Tags Can Be Life Saving
"My daughter had hydrocephalus (water on the brain) when she was born. She has a shunt with a shunt valve on her head which feels like a bump. When she was in elementary school, she hit her head and her teacher, without calling me, put an ice pack on her "bump". This could have frozen the shunt valve and stopped it from working completely. If she was equipt with the Alert Medical Tag, her teacher could have assessed it quickly and found out NOT to place ice on the "bump". The knowlege in these tags can be life saving". Robin - Tulsa, OK

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Scan Tag Technology


Scan Tag Technology

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