Alert Medical Tags FAQ’s

These FAQs are designed to provide a better understanding of Alert Medical Tags and QR Codes. They provide basic information from questions that have been submitted about this fairly new technology. If you have any questions about Alert Medical Tags that are not covered here or elsewhere on our website, please send us a message

This FAQ Page is designed to be helpful in raising awareness about Alert Medical Tags and the use of Microsoft® Scan Tags for Emergency Medical Responders to quickly scan your medical condition information in seconds to help save your life.

What is an Alert Medical Tag?

Your purchase of an Alert Medical Tag comes with (1) Credit Card size and (1) Key Tag size Alert Medical Information cards. Each product will list your medical condition and contains an individualized QR Code and an alphanumeric serial number. With this product, emergency medical personnel can access your medical information through the use of their smart phones or through the internet.

How do Alert Medical Tags Work?

Once you purchase your Alert Medical Tag and enter your medical information on your individual profile, your product will be active. Any medical or emergency service provider will then be able to scan the QR code on your Alert Medical Tag at the accident scene or in the emergency room to view your medical information profile.

Do I need to have a smartphone to use your service?

No. Smart phones are only one option to view your medical information. Your medicalinformation may also be accessed with a computer by entering the alphanumeric numberlocated on your Alert Medical Tag product under the 2-D bar code on our websitein the Emergency Access box.

What are the 2-D bar codes located on my Alert Medical Tag product and how do theywork?

QR Codes act as a bridge from most smart phones to our secure website and to your medical information. When the QR Code is scanned using many free APPs, the phone is instantly directed to your medical information that you have filled out on AMT's secure website. Each QR Code and alphanumeric number is totally unique and individual to your account only.

How do I get the Free Microsoft® Tag Reader APP for my smart phone?

Go to your APP store located on your phone and enter a search for QR Code Reader. Once you have located the APP just download it to your phone. Once you have the APP loaded on your phone, you click the APP and hold the phone over the QR code like you are taking a picture, the phone will then scan the barcode and you will be directed to your medical information profile.

What happens after I buy online?

Your Alert Medical Tag will be shipped to you within 2 weeks of your order alongwith a simple set of instructions on how to activate your Alert Medical Tag. Onceyou receive the Alert Medical Tag, enter the alphanumeric number located on yourAMT product into the “Update Your Profile” section of our website. From there followthe prompts to create your username and password and enter your medical information.Once you have finished your account set up, we encourage you to log in to your accounton a regular basis to update your medical information.

What kind of medical information should I list on my account?

Ultimately this is your decision, but we have listed a suggested format for youto follow. It includes sections like Allergies, Medical Conditions, Emergency Contacts,Doctors Contact Information, Insurance, a place to upload your picture and a specialnotes section. You have total control over what information you want to have inyour profile.

Where should I keep my Alert Medical Tags?

These cards are designed to be used in case of emergency – so you should keep you cards with you at all times in your wallet and on your key chain. The key tag can also be attached to items such as back packs, purses, zippers and bikes.

Who should use Alert Medical Tags?

Anyone can use our products. It offers the emergency medical care providers valuablemedical information in case of emergency. It’s a great product for all ages, especiallyfor children, travelers or anyone with a medical condition.

Do I need to have the Internet for my Alert Medical Tag to work?

Yes, our service uses both Smartphone capabilities which usually provides both Wi-Fior 3G or 4G connection to the internet. In addition your Alert Medical Tag productacts as a traditional medical alert device with your medical condition printed onthe face of the product, and features the medical alert logo that emergency personnellook for during emergencies.

Scan Tag Technology


Scan Tag Technology

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