Sample Medical Condition Profile Page

QR codes continue to integrate into the medical field to help Emergency Medical Responders react quickly to an emergency situation.

While there are many traditional medical alert products available that are helpful, only a minimal amount of information can be printed or engraved on those products. Traditional medical alert products leave Emergency personnel unable to render complete and prompt medical attention to a patient in the case of an emergency. With this new Alert Medical Tag Profile and a personalized QR Scan Tag, you can store your vital medical information on the Scan Tag, enabling first responders to scan it quickly at the time of emergency. In many cases, this quick response not only can save lives, but also allows immediate communication between the patient and the first responder.

The new technology allows those with medical conditions to store their medical information so that it can be quickly accessed in case of an emergency. By augmenting our Medical Alert Tags with QR Codes, first responders will now be able to retrieve this vital information when they arrive.

See below for an example of our Medical Condition Profile Page.

Medical Tag Example

Scan Tag Technology


Scan Tag Technology

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