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Why Alert Medical Tags?


Each of us runs the risk of being involved with some kind of accident every day of our lives. Alert Medical Tags are recommended for children, parents, elders, and anyone with any kind of medical condition.

Alert Medical Tags has merged 2D Bar Code technology with emergency medical information for emergency medical personnel or emergency responders to access your personal medical information to help save a life. Alert Medical Tags stands out from most emergency medical alert online stores. We are more than an online store; we care about you, your health and your safety concerns. Check out what our customers are saying and be sure to tell us your story.

Your Alert Medical Tag is a small tag which carries a serial number and Microsoft® Scan Tag. With this information, an emergency medical professional can access your life-saving medical profile stored on Alert Medical Tags’ secure website and can be accessed by using a smartphone or through an internet connection. Each tag is manufactured as a personally customized, unique item.

Medical Alert ID Tags Help Emergency Medical Personnel find your Medical Alert Information Fast! The ability to provide emergency medical personnel (medics) with your medical history during an emergency could save your life! Alert Medical® ID Tags are lightweight identification tags that store your medical information securely inside a QR TAG 2D barcode.

Simple. In the event of an emergency, medics scan your medical ID tag using their mobile phone. With almost instant access, your life saving medical information is displayed to aid onsite medical alert personnel in assisting you or your loved ones.

Be sure to check out our water proof Alert Medical Tag-Dog Tags, Wallet ID Tag Cards, or our Key Chain ID Tags that are perfect for back packs or jackets for small children.

  • Retrieve & Print Your Medical Information
  • Convenient & Easy to Carry
  • EMS Friendly
  • World Recognized Microsoft® Tags
  • Perfect for Business & Leisure Travel
  • Great for Employees
  • Lightweight & Waterproof
  • Easy to Use

Our Customers carry a Medical Alert Card which is printed with their unique Medical Scan Tag 2D barcode. Should an emergency happen, first responders are able to scan the QR Tag to instantly gain access to their personal health information. The QR Tag reveals everything from medical history to allergies, current prescriptions and potential drug interactions, list of doctors, and emergency (ICE) contacts.

Our Medical Scan Tag system doesn't give your Smart Phone an account number that has to be re-entered into a computer. It is up front and visible when using a computer or Smart Phone.

An Emergency Medical First Responder can quickly read the information using this new Scan Tag Technology to save time, which could save a life.

Mobile technology has been serving emergency medical professionals well in recent years. With this advanced technology, Emergency Medical Technicians and First Responders have been able to get in contact with hospitals and emergency dispatchers faster than ever before. With Medical Scan Tags entering the medical field, Emergency Medical Technicians now have quicker access to medical information, which will allow them to meet the needs of patients in need of immediate care.

How It Works?


When you buy an Alert Medical Tag, you create a personal customized medical profile with two security levels. The first is accessible by entering your Alert Tag serial number which confirms this is your information. The second area, which requires an additional password for the Alert Medical Tag, is where you enter and store relevant confidential information like medical history, prescription medications, allergies, ICE (in case of emergency) information, Doctors, Notes, Insurance Information, Immunizations.

We encourage our customers to enter their critical medical history and medications for medical conditions in their Alert Medical Tag Profile including but not limited to: Alzheimers, Asthma, Diabetes, Epileptics, Heart Condition, Severe Allergies, Stroke Victims, and especially those who cannot speak English well enough to describe their medical condition and medications.

You scan your Alert Medical ID Tag with an application called the Microsoft® Tag Reader which is available for most smartphones. The Tag Reader uses the camera on your mobile phone to scan the Tag and then connects via the Internet to our secure website to get your medical profile information associated with the Tag. On some phones, you just point your camera at the Tag and the Tag is scanned. On other phones, you point and then click. QR tags requires an Internet connection to work. Get the tag reader at


What Information is Important?


Here are some suggestions for emergency medical alert information that Medical personnel want to know:

  • Personal Information: Name, Email and Photo.
  • Alert Section: List Allergies, medical conditions, or special instructions.
  • Medical History: List all prior surgeries or concerns that your medical care provider NEEDS to know.
  • Prescription Medications: List all current medications that you are taking.
  • Allergies: List any allergies you may have that are critical for your care.
  • ICE (In Case of Emergency Contacts): List two different people to call in case you cannot call yourself with their full name, address, telephone number.
  • Doctor Information: Doctor’s name, Specialty and Contact Information.
  • Notes. List relevant medical history or a chronic condition that may be helpful for emergency medical professionals treating you to know. If you have specific care instructions, be sure to include that information.
  • Insurance: List your Health Insurance Provider with an ID number.
  • Immunization Information: List all your shot history information.


Scan Tag Technology

Alert Medical Tags Give You "Instant Access to Medical History & Allergy Information" on Your Cell Phone When You or Your Loved Ones Need It Most! Simply Scan the TAG to the left for a live demo, or discover more information by visiting our examples page. BUY NOW

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